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[X] You have a boyfriend/girlfriend (British Boyfriend) :heart:
[X] You have your own room. (I share it now....)
[X] You have a cell phone.
[X] You have an iPod/MP3 player 
[X] Your parents are still married.
[ ] You have more than two best friends.
[X] You love your family. 
[ ] There is a swimming pool in your backyard 

Total: 6

[X] You dress how you want to.
[ ] You hang out with your friends more than once a week.
[X] There is a computer/laptop in your room. (Own My own laptop but Not in my room)
[X] You have never been beaten up.
[X] You never cry more than twice a month.
[X] You are allowed to listen to the music you want to.
[ ] Your room is big enough for you. 
[ ] People don't use you for something you have.
[X] You have been to a concert.
[X] You have been to the movies. 

Total: 7

[X] You have over 50 friends on Facebook.
[X] Your parents let you have a Facebook. 
] You get an allowance
[ ] You collect something normal.
[ ] You look forward to going to school. (No. Hated It.)
[ ] You don't wish you were someone else. ( ..........) -.-'''''
[ ] You play a sport.
[ ] You do something after school. 

Total: 2

[ ] You own a car/truck.
[ ] You usually don't fight with your parents.
[ ] You are happy with your appearance.
[ ] You aren't self-conscious at all. (No idea what that means sorry..)
[X] You have never gotten a failing grade in your life.
[ ] You have friends.
[X] You have never had a detention.(aw please xD)

Total: 2

[ ] You know what is going on in the world.
[X] You care about so many people. (only certain ones sorry lol)
[ ] You are happy with your life.
[ ] You know more than one language.
[ ] You have a screen name.
[X] You own a pet.
[X] You know the words to more than 5 songs.
[ ] You don't have any enemies.
[X] You are a generally nice person. (I can be at times.. haha)

Total: 4

Result: 64% happy

Now count your numbers and multiply by 3.

Then title this journal "My Life Is ___% Happy".
✦ 79 Common Fears✦ 
[Mark the ones that scare you]

(X)The dark (sometimes)
( )Giving birth (Not planning to go through that)
( )Being yourself in front of others
(X)Open spaces
(X)closed spaces
(X)Being touched (depends)
( )Dogs
( )Cats
( )Birds
( )Fish
( )Spiders
( )Flowers/Plants
( )Fire
(X)Deep water
( )Snakes
( )Silk
( )The ocean
( )Success
( )Thunder
( )Lightning
( )Frogs
( )Toads
(X)Boyfriend's/Girlfriend's mother
(X)Boyfriend's/Girlfriend's father
( )Rats
( )Mice
( )Jumping from high places
( )Snow
( )Rain
( )Wind
( )Storms
(X)Crossing hanging bridges
( )Hell 
(X)Being robbed
(X)Large crowds
( )Men
(X)Women (sometimes)
(X)Large responsibilities (I can be..)
( )Doctors
( )Dentists
( )Tornadoes
( )Hurricanes
(X)Incurable diseases
( )Sharks
( )Friday the 13th
( )Ghosts
( )Poverty
( )Trains
( )Odd numbers
( )Even numbers
( )Insects
(X)Being alone
(X)Being blind
(X)Being deaf
(X)Having no voice
( )Growing up
(X)Creepy noises
( )Bees/bee stings
(X)Not accomplishing your dreams
( )Goals
( )Blood
( )Sports
( )Dinosaurs
( )Welcome mats
)High speeds
( )Throwing up
( )Falling in love
(X)Your secrets getting out
(X)Losing people
(X)Failing life

Total fears I have: 29
Your Boy Side
[X] You love hoodies. 
[X] You love jeans. 
[ ] Dogs are better than cats. 
[X] It's hilarious when people get hurt.
[X] You've played with/against boys on a team. 
[X] Shopping is torture. (only certain kind of shopping)
[X] Sad movies suck. 
[X] You own an X-Box.
[ ] Played with Hotwheels cars as a kid.
[ ] At some point in time, you wanted to be a firefighter. 
[x] You own a DS, PS2 or Sega. 
[ ] You used to be obsessed with Power Rangers.
[X] You watch sports on TV. (only hockey sometimes)
[x] Gory movies are cool. 
[X] You go to your dad for advice. (Only on some things..)
[ ] You own like a trillion baseball caps. 
[ ] You like going to football games. 
[ ] You used to/do collect baseball cards.
[X] Baggy pants are cool to wear.
[ ] It's kinda weird to have sleepovers with a bunch of people.  
[X] Green, black, red, blue, or silver are one of your favorite colors. (red, black and green are one of them)
[x] You love to go crazy and not care what people think.
[ ] Sports are fun. 
[X] Talk with food in your mouth. 

Total = 15

Your Girl Side
[ ] You wear lip gloss. (I'm suppose to wear stuff for my lips NOT gloss)
[X] You love to shop. 
[/] You wear eyeliner. (I've been wanting to, Only cause I'm sort of Emo and Scene)
[ ] You have some of the same shirts in different colors. 
[ ] You wear the color pink. (sometimes)
[X] Go to your mom for advice. (I go to both my parents for advice tbh)
[ ] You consider cheer leading a sport. 
[ ] You hate wearing the color black. 
[X] You like hanging out at the mall.
[ ] You like getting manicures and/or pedicures. 
[ ] You like wearing jewelry. (I only wear chokers and piercings)
[ ] Skirts are a big part of your wardrobe. (Only when I'm in the feminine male mood)
[X] Shopping is one of your favorite hobbies. 
[X] You don't like the movie Star Wars.
[ ] You are/were in cheerleading, gymnastics or dance. 
[X] It takes you around 1 hour to shower, get dressed,/ and put on make-up and accessories. (my showers used to be long)
[ ] You smile a lot more than you should. 
[ ] You have more than 10 pairs of shoes.
[ ] You care about what you look like. (Sometimes.. I know I should care more but just can't for some reason..)
[/] You like wearing dresses when you can. (when I'm in a Really feminine mood I can)
[X] You like wearing body spray/perfume/cologne. (Cologne)
[X] Used to play with dolls as little kid. 
[ ] Like putting make-up on someone else for the joy of it. 
[ ] Like taking pictures of yourself with your cell phone/camera when you're bored. (No I think it's stupid)

Total = 10
Masculine Traits: 

[x] You are male.
[X] You would prefer being male. (Currently I'm trapped in a female body right now...)
[X] You don't wear makeup.
[ ] You love sports. 
[ ]You play COD on XBOX LIVE.
[ ] You constantly make references to Family Guy, Monty Python, Eddie Izzard, etc.
[ ] You enjoy UFC fighting.
[ ] You wanted to be a policeman/firefighter/soldier/ninja as a child. (Soldier)
[X]You like action anime/movies/games/comic books.
[X] You like violent music.
[X] You don't care how you smell. (I wanna spell nice for when I meet My Daddy) :heart:
[X] You look up to male role models. 
[X] You can relate to guy logic. 
[x] You speak man, as in tools, cars, etc. (I love cars especially back then) XD
[X] You like baggy clothes.
[ ] You love memes.
[X] You like big dogs. (only certain ones)
[ ] Fedoras are cool.
[ ] You don't care about interior design, just that everything in your house works.
[X] You don't care who sees you scratch yourself.
[X] You sit with your legs apart.
[X] You don't understand women. 
[X] You rarely cry in front of people. 
[ ] You'll gladly open a can of whoop-ass on any douche who's asking for it.
[X] You like weaponry. Swords, guns, etc. 
[X] You hold doors for women/disabled. 
[ ] You brag about how much you can bench.
[X] You have facial/chest hair. (Only some..)
[ ] You aren't ashamed of your bromance. 
Total: 18

Feminine Traits: 

[ ] You are female. (Just trapped in a female body.. But NOT female) DX
[ ] You would prefer being female.
[X] You like doing/having someone do your hair, nails, makeup, etc. (just my hair)
[ ] You wish you were thinner. 
[ ]You play Kingdom Hearts, Animal Crossing, or Harvest Moon.
[ ] You are always singing along with pop music, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, etc. 
[ ] You watch Glee, various Girl Power anime, or Jersey Shore, or anything on STYLE, WE TV, OWN, etc.
[ ] You wanted to be a princess/dancer/pop star/model/celebrity as a child.
[ ] You like fantasizing about the perfect romantic night out with your boyfriend/girlfriend.
[ ] You like pop music, or anything happy and cute. (only sometimes..)
[ ] You are very self-conscious, and what some other bitch says about you could either make your day or bring your world crashing down around you.
[ ] You look up to female role models.
[X] You can relate to other women. 
[ ] You speak girl, as in makeup, hair, shoes, shopping, ect. (I only like to shop that's it)
[X] You like cute clothes. (I Only dress up in cute/Sexy clothes for My Daddy so yes I'm a Feminine Boy) :heart:
[ ] You love a nicely laced corset. ( I Will wear one when my gender is changed...)
[ ] You love to dye your hair. (I was thinking of it..)
[ ] A tub of ice cream or a candy bar can fix everything.
[X] Everything in your house is nicely arranged, and matches. (Well my stuff is.. since I suffer from OCD) ^^;
[ ] You worry you'll never settle down and have children. ( NO children for me)
[ ] You cross your legs and have good posture.
[ ] The male brain is a mystery.
[ ] You don't mind letting your feelings out.
[ ] You're just waiting for the right person to sweep you off your feet. 
[ ] You are extremely jealous, some bitch looks at your person and you'll rip her fucking eyes out with your bare hands. (I get jealous easy but I wouldn't do that though.) ^^;
[ ] One of the first things you want to know about a person is their astrology. 
[ ] Happiness is a nice, long hot bath, with bubbles. ( Can't have baths)
[ ] Once a month, you let your bitchiness take over.
[ ]You love cute little animals. (Love All animals especially Sharks) :heart:
[X] You have a LOT of pillows on your bed.
Total: 4

Masculine - 18
Feminine - 4


TheLegendaryRiki25's Profile Picture
Billy ~ / Baby Boy
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
I'm a Emo/Scene TransBoy FtM Gay Evil nerd that Loves Anime/horror/Yaoi & Video games~
& Please when you come on on my page, Respect and Support it All.
& My name is Billy~ ^-^ :blowkiss:
Age: 26
Height: 5'3 half
Eye color: Dark brown - almost black.
Hair color: Dark brown
Sexuality: Gay, Transgender/FtM
Favorite Colors: Purple, Blood Red, Black, Yellow and pinkish purple.
I have Glasses.
I Wear a Collar with a Pretty little Bell on it, with laces~
I also wear a Skull Necklace too.~

Fetishes: Crossdressing, being pretty, being Praised, Man candy, Men working Hard, The Natural smell of a Man, Muscles, Possessiveness, Daddy kink, showing people I'm taken and Only belong to My Daddy, blood, thoughts of my Daddy Eating me out :heart: , Being punished, Growling while pounding my ass hard and deep, spanking, being a slut for Only My Daddy, Size, being a cockslut

Visage is hoping to come January 2017 and Allison Road is coming this year ~ :love:
Outlast 2 coming Fall This Year !!! :heart:

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

and I just LOVE My..

My Daddy :heart:
Levi Ackerman
Game Soundtracks
Spicy Foods
Blood & Gore

Favorite Video Games:

Super Smash Bros.
Super Mario Bros.
Sonic the Hedgehog
Donkey Kong
Mortal Kombat
Earthworm Jim
Silent Hill
Resident Evil
Dead Space
Evil Within



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